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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 43 – A Day at the Spa

8 September, 2011

At noon I prepared myself for the short journey to the local BMW dealer. I was pretty sure I was booked in but there was only one way to find out.

What to wear? Could be a few hours sitting around waiting so I didn’t really want to wear all my kit. And it was only about 4 miles to get there from the hotel.

I’d been sweating like a pig all morning. So much so I could have won the wet t-shirt competition, had one been underway, when I got to the museum. The walk there was no more than 3km. And there were no Solo Man impersonations with the two bottles of water I gulped down on the way. And it was barely 10am.

Against my usual strict conditions for riding a motorcycle I went in shorts, t-shirt and walking shoes. No motorcycle boots but I still pulled on my gloves and helmet.

If I’d gone completely native I would have worn thongs (flip flops), no gloves and a cap. Then I would have really fit in with the local standards.

It was sort of liberating, riding the short distance to the BMW shop in my version of motorcycle touring nudity. But I was quite timid all the same. For me, having the full kit provides me with so much riding confidence.


On my arrival the usual langauge barriers led to a more drawn out checking in process than would normally be the case. Initially they told me the workshop was full but they would see if they could fit me in. After much checking they finally worked out it was me who had booked the Family Truckster in for the afternoon. I’m not sure what they were looking under. I wrote down my name, the model and the registration number. Perhaps they have a different booking/indexing system, one that I’m not familiar with. Not to worry, within 30 minutes it was being taken into the workshop.

A couple of hours later they told me the rear brake pads needed to be replaced. Sure I said, go ahead.

But they were not in stock and it would take 3 days to get them in. We ascertained the current pads would be good for another 1,000km but I should take it easy. Can do.

I’ll get them done at the dealer up the road in Izmir. So I emailed them and put them on notice. They have already replied confirming they have them in stock so this should be no problem. I’ll let them know when I work out what day I’ll be passing through.

At about 1730 the Family Truckster was ready, The afternoon at the BMW Spa had done it the world of good. As usual it was washed, and sparkling in the afternoon sun. Riding it back to the hotel it felt different too, it felt newer. Seemed tighter and happier in the traffic, no signs of overheating, although it was cooler at only 30 degrees.

It was almost the same effect that my visit to the Hamam had on me yesterday afternoon.

I can’t wait to get back on the highway tomorrow to continue my Turkey motorcycle tour.


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