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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 20 – Reflections on Monty Python

16 August 2011

This morning on my Turkey motorcycle tour while enjoying the scenery of Constanta, I recall a sketch from Monty Python (now I am showing my age).  Sometimes known as “Oscar Wilde” it contains the comment that “… there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is NOT being talked about.”

In this day an age we can all command an audience and post whatever we like on the web. But who really reads or even believes what is written on the world wide web?

I would suggest there is a correlation between the ease of publishing and the rise in unreliable public information; inverse to the people that read or even acknowledge same.

I have been the subject of untrue statements posted on the web. I was very upset about this at the time. But once it’s there what can you do about it? Answer: nothing.

And the thing is, not one person who knows me has ever called me to ask me about these claims. I doubt with all the gigabytes of information out there if any people I care about have even seen these lies.

We all like to think untrue claims will smear our reputation; and we think of reputation in a global sense. To think this way for most of us is to have tickets on ourselves. Perhaps one day it will come home to roost but I doubt it – unless it is true of course.

But I know the truth and that is all that matters because the people that care about me will have to make their own minds up. And I know they are solid people who will make judgment on all the facts at hand. Not just what is posted on the web.

We all want our 15 minutes of fame. Sometimes it is more than what we bargained for; even if it is only in our own minds.

Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 20 – Romulus & Remus


16 August 2011 I never studied history at school. Now I wish I had. It facsincates me. Particularly this history of Europe. My entire knowledge comes from places I’ve had the opportunity to visit and also a couple of history books written by Geoffrey Blainey (A Short History of the World and A Short History […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 19 – Bucharest to Constanta


15 August 2011 Adrian suggested that I visit Constanta on my Turkey motorcycle tour. I’d planned to visit the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. But why not in Romania also. Always trust local advice I say. It was a short journey from Bucharest. All on motorways. Good thing too. It was hot. Got to 35 degrees […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 18 – I feel like turning around today …


14 August 2011 I understand completely those people who prefer to travel without any means of communication. No laptop, no visits to internet cafes, not even a mobile phone. It is possible and absent pressure from others to let them know you are safe many adventure tourers would even recommend this approach. I’m at the […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Days 17 & 18 – Exploring Bucharest


August 13-14 2011 Saturday and Sunday give me an opportunity to wander through the streets of Bucharest. It was most enjoyable but very hot. I’d better get used to this though. I hope you enjoy some of my favourite scenes of Bucharest. The Palace of the Parliament is incredible. The second largest building in area […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 16 – Arriving in Bucharest


12 August 2011 The rain of my early foray into Romania is well and truly behind me. As I enter the outskirts of Bucharest at 19:30 the temperature remains in the high twenties. The traffic is still thick. Mostly people trying to get out of town after work before the long weekend. Sixties style apartment […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 16 – On to Bucharest, but I nearly didn’t make it


12 August 2011 It was after 5 pm when I made it back down the 7C to Curtea de Arges. South on the rest of the 7C for another 25 miles would get me to Pitesti. Bucharest was then in easy reach a further 70 miles away on the A1 motorway. Two hours should do […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 16 – The Transfagarasan (Part 3)


12 August 2011 I’m fed and watered. The camera battery has made it to 14% in the time allocated. Enough gas for some photos. It’s another 30km to the northern end of the 7C. I decide to keep heading north for a ways and then I’ll turn around and try and get to Bucharest for […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 16 – The Transfagarasan (Part 2)


12 August 2011 It is about 30km east to pick up the 7C at Curtea de Arges. It’s an enjoyable ride with a good concentration of horse and cart to contend with. Three motocyclists going in the opposite direction give me the customary left hand wave. It’s a good sign that I’m finally headed in […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 16 – The Transfagarasan (Part 1)


12 August 2011 This road is famous. One of the most scenic and best driving roads in Europe it is claimed. Right from the outset this road had been on my radar. The days started out perfectly. Great breakfast including two generous slices of chilled watermelon. I’d seen roadside vendors throughout most of Romania selling […]

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