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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 53 – The Route to Croatia (Part 2)

18 September 2011

Montenegro hid its splendour from me at first.

Roads were not quite as good as Albania and the air quality remained poor. Blue skies were nowhere to be seen.

But gradually it started to reveal itself to me. The rugged coastline at first. The the beaches and resort towns. And it has lot’s of natural beauty to offer. This country is worthy of more time than I’d allowed. I was going to stay in Kotor but couldn’t find the hotel of choice. So I kept going.

I’m a hard marker when it comes to stopping the Family Truckster for a photo opportunity so far on my Turkey motorcycle tour. But here I disembarked several times. It was still hot too. But worth the hassle.

See for yourself. Such as shame it was so hazy. I just hope this was the exception and not the rule.

But Montenegro had more to offer me yet, much to my delight!


Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 53 – The Route to Croatia (Part 1)


18 September 2011 This had been a dilemma for me even when planning the trip. I was still undecided on my arrival in Skopje. There were two basic choices: via Albania or Kosovo. I’d been recommended a route through Kosovo prior to leaving London. My insurance didn’t cover me there though. I was apprehensive about […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 52 – Skopje to Ohrid


17 September 2011 Saturday’s run from Skopje to Ohrid was relatively short with a fair bit of Macedonian motorways to get to the country’s most popular destination. So I decided to take the scenic route via Debar which was a little longer and skirted the Albanian border. Before setting out I took a short walk […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 51 – Record Mileage Today!


16 September 2011 It was my highest mileage day out of the 51 days I’ve been away. In fact I did about 450 miles (725 km) today. My previous best on my Turkey motorcycle tour was 415 miles. And it seemed too easy. Can you tell I left Turkey today? I did have a short […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Days 49 to 51 – Aussies in Eceabat


16 September 2011 I’d expected to meet Aussies here. Probably three out of every four tourists staying in Eceabat are Aussies or Kiwis. Must be Oz/Kiwi overload on 25 April. I’d decided to stay at Hotel Crowded House. Seemed the right thing to do. Was a good place too and highly recommended. No sooner had […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Days 49 & 50 – I Made It!


14 September 2011 I’d always wanted to come here. Many Australian’s and Kiwi’s do. It’s almost like a pilgrimage. It was one of the main reasons for doing the Turkey motorcycle tour and I’d gotten there via the scenic route. At about 17:58 on Wednesday, the 14th of September I finally made it, after about […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 48 – Çeşme


13 September 2011 The ride to Çeşme was a pleasant motorway blast of about 100km due west of İzmir with nice coastal views. İzmir is a big city, shrouded in a haze of pollution and humidity. As I escaped the city limits clear blue skies once again emerged, creating the perfect backdrop for the ocean and coastline. Çeşme is […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 48 – New Brake Pads


13 September 2011 It wasn’t far from Selçuk to Izmir. I’d estimated it would take about an hour. And happy days. Today I went through a radar and didn’t get a fine. They were everywhere around Selçuk. I’d seen several while on the bus the last couple of days so was on alert. Just as well. […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 48 – Selçuk Part 3


13 September 2011 I had a quick wander around Selçuk this morning prior to breakfast, repacking and loading the Family Truckster. This is a nice town with remains of a Roman Aqueduct, Basilica of St John and hilltop fort/castle all within a short walking distance of the Wallabies Hotel. Unfortunately I’d explored less of this […]

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Turkey Motorcycle Tour Day 47 – Pamukkale (Selçuk Part 2)


September 12, 2011 Day 47 of my Turkey motorcycle tour and another day off the Family Truckster while I let someone else do the driving again.  J and Al were on this tour to Pamukkale and Hierapolis with me today. Al would leave us at Pamukkale and take another bus overnight to Cappadocia. The bus ride […]

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